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California Attorney General Opinions

The California Attorney General provides legal opinions upon request to designated state and local public officials and government agencies on issues arising in the course of their duties.

California Building Standards Code

The California Building Standards Code is the building code for California, and Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). It is maintained by the California Building Standards Commission which is granted the authority to oversee processes related to the California building codes by California Building Standards Law.

California Codes

The California Codes are 29 legal codes enacted by the State Legislature, which together form the general statutory law of California.

California Code of Regulations

The California Code of Regulations (CCR) is the official compilation and publication of the regulations adopted, amended or repealed by state agencies pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

California Jury Instructions (CALCRIM & CACI)

The Judicial Council of California has adopted award-winning plain language civil and criminal jury instructions that accurately convey the law using language understandable to jurors.

California Municipal Codes

Municipal Code Corporation (Municode) was founded in 1951 for the sole purpose of codifying municipal laws and ordinances and publishing this material in loose leaf form. The following link provides electronic access to these ordinances.

California Rules of Court

The California Rules of Court are often reorganized to improve their format and usability. Use the following link to locate current rules.

Case Law (Google Scholar)

Google Scholar is a free online resource allowing anyone to search for court opinions. Google Scholar's court opinion coverage is limited to state appellate and supreme courts from 1950; federal district, appellate, tax and bankruptcy courts from 1923; and the U.S. Supreme Court from 1791

Code of Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations (sometimes called administrative law) published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States.

Provides technical support on immigration law issues to pro bono attorneys and service providers. Produces manuals, conducts seminars, provides phone consultations to pro bono attorneys and service providers. Also conducts community education and training seminars on various aspects of immigration law.

Immigration Resource Directory

Online Directory of Immigration Resources. It has links to Basic Information, Immigration Legal Help, and Immigrant Families and Children. 

On-Line Self Help Center

The Judicial Council's Self-Help center will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

Pending Legislation

The full text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, and their status, history, votes, analyses, and veto messages.

One-stop resource for the people of California impacted
by job loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

United States Code

The United States Code is a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States. It is prepared by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives.

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