About us

The Marin County Law Library is part of the California County Law Library system,which was established in 1891.  MCLL provides free public access to legal information, focusing on providing practical materials not only to attorneys and judges, but to businesses, self-represented litigants, and people who want to know more about their rights. We make it possible for the general public to use the law to solve problems, access justice and leverage opportunities.

We Support the Legal Community

Judges and court personnel can refer self-represented litigants to us, where those individuals can access legal forms, guides and legal resources written for non-attorneys. Attorneys can conduct free legal research, have a quiet space to work and meet with clients in a private conference room.



We Support Local Businesses

MCLL is a place for businesses to use the law to address business issues and take advantage of market opportunities. Businesses can find answers to common legal questions and access easy-to-understand guides. We are a networking center where businesses can meet with clients, prospects and colleagues in a private conference room.


We Support the General Public

Through legal resources and the help of experienced legal research librarians, we support the entire community. MCLL is the only community resource dedicated to helping people learn about and use the law to solve problems and access justice. Since 1891, the law library has served the entire county by providing the only freely accessible legal collection available to the public.